Casino House Rules

Casino House RulesPlease print this document for your reference.

Any client who knowingly provides false or inaccurate account information or attempts in any way to defraud will result in cancellation of said account and all balances to be held at company’s discretion.

  1. Online Casino reserves the right to limit or refuse any player prior to its acceptance. Any member playing at the tables without adequate funds will be voided.
  2. Each and every player that registers at Online Casino  shall not posses more than one account under his name and on the same computer device. Violation of this term may result in account closure at Online Casino ‘s discretion. In cases where accounts were used to conduct fraudulent activity of any kind and/or collusion of any type will result in immediate termination of all the accounts involved. Any funds present on the accounts will not be released as stated in Rule No. 4 of the House Rules.
  3. Online Casino will not take responsibility for any losses or negative outcomes from playing at our real-money games under any condition. All members of Online Casino are playing against each other and not against Online Casino . Play at Online Casino is at the sole option, discretion and risk of you, the player. You, the player, are also responsible for maintaining the security of your account and personal information outside Online Casino. Online Casino is not responsible for the unauthorized use of your account or any losses that may result, of such unauthorized use.
  4. Online Casino  reserves the right to hold a player’s funds indefinitely if it is found at our sole discretion that the player has been involved in any fraudulent activity while using the services and products provided by Online Casino . Fraudulent activity is considered, but not limited to, the following: use of stolen credit cards, transfer of funds to other player accounts using the tables (also known as chip dumping” ), any other type of collusion or cheating at the poker tables to the detriment of other players, false representation of age, closure of an account by another online gaming site due to violations, adverse information from a reporting service regarding player at the request of a Online Casino  affiliate or partner, and at the request of a governmental agency.
  5. You agree to use the poker software provided by Online Casino in accordance with the rules posted on the Online Casino site, and submit to any and all modifications made to them from time to time. When a dispute arises between players, you accept the judgments of Online Casino as final, binding and conclusive in all matters. All taxes, duties and fees applicable to any money or cash value prizes awarded to you, the player, is your sole responsibility. Any type of violation to the rules, policies, terms and/or conditions established by Online Casino  may and will result in total suspension or termination of a player’s membership with Online Casino .
  6. Online Casino will not assume any responsibility for the actions you, the player, may undertake while using the services and products provided by Online Casino. You acknowledge that the games offered by Online Casino may be deemed an illegal activity in certain jurisdictions depending on location, and that you, the player, have accordingly inquired about the legality of participating in Online Casino  games wherein you play. You acknowledge that Online Casino is unable to determine where its software is being used, and that is therefore relying upon your representation and express acceptance of this restriction by clicking where indicated, and that you will only use the software for real-money play in those locations where it is legal to do so.
  7. Online Casino Poker Room will not disclose to any third party the details of an individual’s net winnings or losses. This is the member’s responsibility, and if you reside in a jurisdiction where your winnings are taxable, you must keep track of those transactions and report them accordingly to the proper authorities.
  8. The contract between Online Casino and the account user may be cancelled by the member at his/her own request. Or, if deemed necessary, Online Casino reserves the right to terminate the membership between the user and Online Casino  in all respects.All personal data recorded and stored in Online Casino databases will be held in secrecy, unless users agree to their identities and details being used for future publicity purposes.