Casino Bonus and Promotions Questions

Casino Bonus and Promotions Questions Q. What promotions/bonuses you are running at this time?

A. We are currently offering a great sign-up bonus of 150% upon initial deposit to the poker room. To take advantage of this special offer, all you need to do is make a deposit from your account directly into the poker room.

We will also include a 25% reload bonus every day! With no time-limit, you can take advantage at any time!! So get ready for the high stakes. Additionally, we are promoting the “Refer-a-Friend” 20% bonus from which will be posted to your sports account. Keep your eyes open and keep track of What’s New! on Online Casino Poker.

Q. What do I need to do to cash out my bonus?

A. Whenever you receive a bonus credited to your sports account, you will be required to earn a certain amount of POP points to redeem your pending bonus and have it credited to your poker account as cash. You will need to earn 15 POP points for every $1 of bonus you have been credited, i.e. $50 in bonus will require 750 POP points to be released. You can check the status of your bonus by clicking on the middle tab named “My bonuses” at the lobby of the game; it is located on the top left.

Q. Can I use my bonus on the Sportbook, Casino or Skill Games?

A. You can request your bonuses from the poker room be transferred back to the sports account to use that money at the games until you have achieved the required amount of POP points to release the bonus; otherwise poker bonuses are not applicable for sports and/or casino and skill games.

Q. How much time do I have to earn and release my bonus?

A. All poker bonuses that are pending in your poker account have a 60-day period to be released, beginning from the day they were credited to the bonus account.

Q. Do I receive any POP points for entry fees paid at the tournaments?

A. Yes, However POP points are only awarded to the players that contribute to the rake games at a rate of one POP point for every 10 cents you contribute to the rake and for tournamnet fees exceeding the minimum of $1.00.

Q. Is there a restriction on which tables can I earn the POP points to release my bonus?

A. No, all raked tables will award you POP points; once you have accumulated enough POP points you can release your bonus.

Q. Do I have to transfer money back and forth between the Sportsbook and the Poker Room?

A. When you are making a deposit to Online Casino from the website, you can choose if you want your deposit to go directly to the poker room or to the sports account, whichever you prefer. If you have money on sports that you wish to send to the poker room, you can transfer the funds using the poker software. Requesting a transfer back from the poker room to the sports account will require between 4 to 6 hours to be credited to your sports account.

Q. Why can’t I transfer my bonus then?

A. Presently this is not possible. The bonus system integration will not allow you to transfer the bonus amount before you meet the requirements for the bonus to be released. This policy is part of our Bonus and Promotion Rules which you may review by clicking here.